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There are an array of high security features (built-in and printed on documents) that are continuously being developed to help protect documents (especially cheques) against chemical alteration, erasure, toner removal, photocopying and counterfeiting. The key to selecting intelligent combinations is to include both overt (visible) and covert (hidden) characteristics in order to alert cheque handlers. Consider adding security features to any sensitive printed materials which, if altered or copied, might compromise your customer's business.

Secure Documents

At Sinclair, security and compliancy of the cheques we produce is always our number one priority. For that reason we have teamed up with The Canadian Payment Assosiation (C.P.A) to participate in a Trial Cheque Printer Certification Program to ensure accurate and acceptable tolerances within the C.P.A standards. For more information please visit the Canadian Payment Association's website.


DocuCheck Basic Paper - Docucheque basic is a strong security base (minimum security). This high performance paper is suitable for both continuous and laser applications. Contains fibres that are visible only under ultraviolet light. This paper also contains three chemical stain reactants to prevent alteration.


DocuCheck Watermark Paper - This medium level of security paper contains all the features of the basic stock with a few extras. This distinctive "chainlink" watermark is visible in both transmitted and reflective light. Also features one invisible fibre, one visible fiber and five chemical reactants.


DocuCheck with TonerFuse Paper - This is the highest level of security paper available in the Docucheque line of paper. In addition to the features in the watermark grades, this stock also contains a tonerfuse coating. Tonerfuse anchors dry toner images to resist alteration by tape pulling or scraping. This product is available in bond only.


Bleed Through Numbering — The black Arabic number on your cheques and forms will bleed through to the back of the document thus verifying it's authenticity.


Bleed Through Numbering - Sinclair Computer Forms Inc


Border Copy Warning — A notice or warning designed to advise document handlers and potential fraud artists of specific overt and covert safeguards present. Commonly printed in reverse type on face of document above background screen or pantograph.



Microprinting — Miniature print or text which appears as screened line or border. Type commonly consists of a company name or warning message, verified with a magnifying glass. Copied or scanned attempts appear plugged and/or unreadable.


Ultraviolet (UV) Ink — Image(s) printed in invisible ink which, when exposed under a black light, appears as glowing. UV ink can be used as a second color in pantograph designs and/or as an artificial watermark.


Thermochromatic Ink — The use of Thermochromatic Ink serves as a highly effective deterrent to criminals intending to duplicate or counterfeit sensitive documents. It also provides a quick and simple method for bank tellers and officials to confirm its authenticity. These inks are specially treated to provide a colour changing sequence when heated (disappears when touched or breathed on) to a defined temperature range. Currently we only offer a pink thermochromatic ink spot.



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